1. Should I repair or replace my gutters?

    Re-attaching, re-pitching or resealing can often repair existing gutters. However, once gutters show signs of rusting through, the only long term solution is to replace them.

  2. What's best, aluminum or steel gutters?

    Both products work well in this region. The advantage of aluminum is that it will never rust out. The disadvantage is that it is a softer metal and is more susceptible to damage and denting. It also has a higher expansion co-efficient than steel, thus warping and moving more. The prepainted steel gutters, with their superior strength, have a Galvalume finish that is warranted not to rust through for 20 years.



  3. What is the best way of attaching the gutters?

    We have found that a heavy duty galvanized steel hidden hanger is the most dependable way of attaching the gutters to the eves. We place the hangers on 3 ft. center (lining up with the rafter tails) and secure them with a 2" neoprene washer wood grip screw

  4. What is drip flashing / edge metal?

    Drip flashing is a separate piece of metal that goes up and under the shingles and down into the back of the gutter. It helps prevent leaking between the gutter and fascia board.



  5. How do i get a free estimate?

    Just call or email us and we will go out to your home, In most cases on the same day. An estimate usually takes no longer than 15 min. and we will give you an exact cost before we leave.

  6. Do i have to give you any money up front?

    We do not collect any money up front. We collect in full when the job is complete and you are satisfied However, On some occaisions if we have to special order a product then we may ask for a deposit.

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